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Well its been forever since I wrote a new journal, and there is a lot that has happened.  We did 8 weeks at the PA Renaissance Faire and we had so much fun we will being doing it again next year!  Faeriecon was excellant this year.  we sold 36!!!!!!! Baby Dragon puppets.  So now I have no dragons in stock and will be busilly making them for awhile. But my next show isnt until Mythic Faire in March (its in baltimore) so I have a tiny bit of time to restock.  I will have free tickets to give out if anythone wants to go.  

Plus I moved, so to have my workshop in transit during one of my busiest times of the year has been super annoying, but my new work room is twice the size of the old one and has enough room I can start giving sculpting classes!  

I have commission on sale on ebay! plus the Christmas ornaments are up. so go have a look.

!!!!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!!! (sort of) I have a lot going on now so finish times are going to be slower than usual)

my prices are high, but I feel my art is well worth the price and I am more than will to work with you on making payments!

Fairies $185
centaurs or dragon fairies $200 and up
Dragon $500
6"unicorn $175
3" unicorn $55
Unicorn Ponies $50
Critters (mice, bunnies, bats, etc)$35
Miniature $35-$45
Prints are $10
hand dragon puppets $30-35
Custom BJDs $300 and up for cernit $500 and up for resin
I think that covers it, if you want something else just ask I just might be will to do it
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vandonovan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
Do you have examples of your 3" unicorns? I'm not sure what the difference between them and the unicorn ponies is.

Congratulations on all the sales, BTW! That's amazing. If I lived anywhere near Baltimore I'd so totally love to go to that.
AmandaKathryn Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
they are about th same size, but ponies are cutesy which is why I called them ponies and the Series I unicorns are the same as Series II unicorn only smaller like Swift [link] or frost [link] or any of the ones in this folder [link]
vandonovan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
Great, thanks!
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December 6, 2010